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Laser Beams And Garage Doors: What Happens When Garage Door Openers Don't Work

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Garage door openers are finicky things. Sometimes they open and sometimes they will not. If you have ever examined a garage door opener to see how it works, you might begin to understand why you have this problem with them. It all starts with a laser beam and ends with a problem that is easily fixed.

Lasers and Garage Doors

Laser technology has been applied to many everyday uses, including garage door openers. If you have never installed a garage door yourself or watched a contractor do it, you would miss out on the single laser beam that acts as a safety net. With your garage door open, look for two attachments, one on each side of the garage door opening, which has two small boxes on them. If you bend low enough, you will see the single red laser beam that streams between these two attachments.

How the Lasers Assist the Opener

You single the garage door opener to open or shut the garage door. If anything crosses through the laser beam breaking the connection between the attachments, the garage door will do one of two things:

  • immediately stop
  • reverse direction.

The purpose of this feature is to prevent head and neck injuries to anyone or anything that might try to enter or leave the garage while the door is in motion.

When the Garage Door Neither Opens or Closes

The very first thing you should inspect when your garage door suddenly does not open or close is the laser beam. As odd as it sounds, it is programmed to refuse any electrical command to move if the laser beam is not one continuous stream, and that includes the times when one attachment is out of whack and not facing the other. If either of the laser beam attachments is twisted or tilted out of line with the other, which can happen when they are bumped, push them back into alignment and test the garage door again. You should see two red lights, one in each attachment box, when they are in alignment.

If the Lasers Cannot Be Realigned by You

If you have one laser connector that is badly damaged, there is little chance you can find and fix this yourself. Since these parts are sold in a box with the garage door opener, you will have to contact a garage door installation expert to see if you can purchase these parts anymore. The garage door contractor may be able to locate them for you and install them so that your garage door will begin functioning once again.

For more information, contact a local garage door repair company.