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Crashed Into Your Garage Door? Here's How To Check It For Damage

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If you accidentally run into your garage door with your car, the first thing you should do is check it for internal damage. You don't want to operate the door if it is going to malfunction. Of course, if the door is crumpled from the outside, it's pretty obvious you're going to need to replace or repair the door. Other damage may not be so obvious. This is how you inspect your garage door for damage.

Visual Inspection

Go inside your garage and examine the track. It should be straight with the gap facing outward. If the track is dented, you can probably knock it back into place with a rubber hammer. Also look for any parts that may have been knocked loose. You may be able to tighten screws and restore the door mechanism to normal. If you are unsure how to repair the damage, then call a professional contractor to repair your door.

Check Door Operation

Use the wall switch to trigger the door to see if it opens and closes normally. Watch for shaking, and listen for noises that could indicate a loose track or loose screws. Next, place a block of wood, or some other item, on the driveway under the door and lower it with the wall switch. As soon as the door touches the wood, it should immediately reverse. If it doesn't, call a contractor for repairs.

Check the sensors in the same way. As the door lowers, break the sensor beam by waving a broom handle under the door. If the door doesn't reverse right away, it probably means the sensors were knocked out of alignment when you hit the door. You can fix this problem yourself by adjusting the sensors on each side of the door so they point right at each other.

Examine Exterior

While damage to the exterior of your garage door may not affect its operation, you still want to repair the damage as soon as you can to prevent problems. For example, scratches could cause rust to develop on a metal door. You may be able to pop out small dents yourself. Plus, you'll want to seal and paint over scratches, so your garage door looks good as new.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your garage door, or if it makes odd noises after it's been hit, be sure to call a professional to do your garage door repair. The doors are very heavy, and you could be injured, or your car could be damaged, if your garage door falls.