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Three Simple Electrical Repairs You Should Be Able To Do In Your Home

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If the lights go out in your home and it is not the power, it may be a problem with your electrical system. There are some things that you may want to call a professional electrical contractor for, such as adding a circuit breaker to an area of your home. There are also some things that you may want to do yourself, which can be installing a ceiling fan or changing a light fixture. You may even want to just change the outlet plates in your home. Here are three simple electrical repairs that you will be able to do yourself in your home:

1. Replacing Light Fixtures                                                       

If some of the lights in your home are not working, replacing the light bulb may not always be the solution. Sometimes it can be a problem with the light fixture itself. It may be that the fixture has a short in it or that it is just old and needs to be replaced. Replacing the fixture will be simple. You will just need to remove the fixture and the wires that are connected to it. If there is more than one switch that controls the fixture, there may be a neutral wire in addition to the negative, positive, and ground wires. A good trick to know how to wire it back up is to take a quick picture with a phone to use as a reference when you install the new fixture.

2. Installing A Ceiling Fan

If you want to have a ceiling fan in your home, you can install it yourself. The process of installing a ceiling fan is basically the same as installing a light fixture, unless you have a separate switch for the fan and the lights; for this you may want to contact a professional electrical contractor. To install a conventional ceiling fan, the first step is to install the mounting plate. This is a job that is usually done with drywall anchors. To give the fan more support, what you can do is cut a small piece of drywall out of the ceiling and then nail a solid block between the joists where the fan will go. You may need to patch the drywall where you add the block.

3. Replacing Electrical Outlets

Another simple electrical repair is replacing an electrical outlet. The first thing you will want to do is test the outlet with an outlet tester you can get from any hardware store. This will tell you if the outlet is good or bad. You will want to remove the old outlet to be replaced, and then unscrew the wires that are attached to it. The new outlet will be installed the same way your old outlet was installed with negative, positive, and ground wires. If it is an outlet that has a switch attached to it, then it may also have a neutral wire.

These are some electrical repairs that you can easily do yourself. If you have a problem, or what you need to have done is too complicated, contact a professional electrical contractor, such as Manchester Electric LLC, for help. And remember, before you do any electrical work, make sure the electricity is off.