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Thinking Off The Dock: Four Contemporary Ideas For The Dock On Your Lake Home

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If you have built a lake home with a contemporary design, often a dock that you may have built will be made of conventional materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and flotation devices. What if you want your dock to have more of a contemporary look like your home? There are some things that you can do to make your dock have a contemporary look, such as combining glass and steel railings, building a floating dock house with a contemporary design, or using lightweight, stained concrete. If you want a dock with a contemporary look, here are four ideas that may help you:

1. Railings With Glass And Steel Features

The railings of your dock will be one of the most visible features on it. If you want to make them look more contemporary, you can have custom steel and glass railings made. You may want to consider having sections made of steel plates, which can have designs such as fish cut into them, and other sections done with glass. The glass can also have custom designs etched into it to give your dock more of a personal touch.

2. Lightweight Fiber Cements With Staining

If you are considering alternatives to common decking systems, you may want to consider a lightweight fiber cement for the decking. It can be installed on corrugated steel, and then be stained with custom designs, which can resemble intricate tile work, and even have things like initials and shapes like those that marine animals incorporated into the design. You will be able to give the floor of your dock any look you want with concrete staining processes.

3. Contemporary Boathouse Dock Attachment

If you have a boat that will be docked at your home, you may want to have a small boathouse for it. If you are going to build a boathouse, you may want to give it a contemporary design to. It can match the exterior of your home, or you can have it done with steel and glass like the railings of your dock. You may also want to consider an unconventional shape for the design too, such as a octagon or circular form.

4. Combining Tropical Woods And Glass Decking

If concrete is not the best option for the decking of your dock, you can also use materials like tropical woods for the decking. This can be combined with thick glass for portions of the deck, to give you a clear view of the water under your feet. It is a great design for areas where the water is exceptionally clear and there is a lot of marine life. If you use steel sections for the railings, you can use tropical wood where glass railings are, and the glass bottom where the steel sections are located to give you a clear view of the water from anywhere on your dock.

These are some ideas to give the dock on your lake house a contemporary style. If you want glass railings, you can contact a glass railings service to have them custom design the railings for your dock.