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How To Remove Brush Marks From Dry Interior Paint

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Using a good paintbrush when painting the home is important. Unfortunately, many people try to save a little money and purchase cheap paintbrushes to use. Cheaper paintbrushes can leave brush marks in the finish of the paint. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with those brush marks forever. Here, you will learn how to remove the brush marks, so that your next paint job will look perfectly smooth and flawless.

Deep Brush Marks

Deep brush marks can be difficult to remove, so it is best to cover over them using drywall compound. To complete this process you will need: joint compound, 12-inch taping knife, mud pan, 100-grit sandpaper, primer.

  • Scoop some joint compound into a mud pan.
  • Load a taping knife with some compound and begin skimming the surface of the wall where the brush marks are visible. Keep the layer of compound very thin and even to expedite drying time and finishing.
  • Let the compound dry.
  • Once dry, use 100-grit sandpaper to smooth the finish.
  • Coat the wall with primer and allow it to dry.
  • Paint the wall the desired color.

Faint Brush Marks

Brush marks that are faint, but still visible require a little less work to remove. To complete this process, you simply need a stiff brush, 80-grit sandpaper and a sanding block.

  • Wrap the sandpaper around the sanding block. Try to use quality sandpaper that will not clog with the paint as it is removed from the walls.
  • Sand the brush marks gently. You want to press hard enough to remove the brush marks, but not hard enough to go through the paint and into the wall. If you do cut into the wall, you will have to use drywall compound to repair the spot before you can paint.
  • If the sandpaper become clogged with paint, use a stiff brush to gently brush the paint off of the sandpaper. This will help expedite the process and create the perfectly smooth finish you want.
  • Once the area is smooth, apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry.
  • Paint the wall the desired color.

Both of these process will effectively remove the brush marks from the paint on your walls. If you are not confident in your ability to remove them, contact your local painting contractor. He or she will help you prepare and finish your walls, so that they are perfectly smooth and flawless this time around.