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Windows, Heat Gain, And AC Efficiency

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If you want to optimize the function of your AC—and who wouldn't?—you need to understand heat gain. The central question for understanding heat gain is this: if your house is insulated, why does it heat up during day? One of the main culprits responsible for heating up your home are your windows. Luckily, if you know what you are doing, there is an easy step for decreasing heat gain without blocking the view from your windows or costing you and arm and a leg.

The Greenhouse Effect: How Windows Heat up Your Home

Windows are designed to allow light to enter your home, and herein is the problem. UV rays are a band of light not visible to the naked eye, but they can have a noticeable impact on the climate of your home. The problem is that as the objects in your home absorb UV rays, they convert the energy in the rays to heat. They then radiate heat through out home, and when this radiant heat hits your windows, the heat does not pass as easily through your windows as light does. Thus, your home heats up. In fact, your windows may account for 30% or more of the heat gain in your home, which means your AC unit has to run much harder than it should to cool your home. 

The Sunglasses Analogy: How to Filter out UV Rays

Have you ever bought polarized sunglasses? If so, then you can appreciate how a reflective surface can help to filter out UV rays. By installing a reflective film on your windows, you will not block the view from your windows, but you can effectively screen out UV rays. While there are windows out there that come with low-e film already installed, you can buy DIY kits so that you can upgrade your existing windows. Thus, for a fraction of the cost of installing new windows, you can help to improve the efficiency of your AC system. In fact, window film can decrease your cooling costs by up 23%

There is no reason to pay too much to cool your home. You might think that you can't afford a new AC unit or new windows, but the truth is you don't have to. All you have to do is buy some window film for your home in order to significantly decrease how much you pay to keep your home cool. For more information about how to improve your air conditioners efficinency, talk to a company like MJM Mechanical.