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How To Maintain Grout Lines In Your Bathroom

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A tile floor can be such a fun and colorful addition to any room. At the same time, tile is also a very practical and durable floor product. It is especially great in bathroom and kitchen areas because it can withstand the constant moisture and foot traffic. However, you need to be willing to take on a little more TLC if you want to have tile floors in such a wet environment. One of the most vulnerable parts of a tile floor is the grout. This article will explain how to maintain your grout lines so they are strong and waterproof over the years.

The contractors that install your tile floor will seal it after the installation. However, the floor needs to be resealed every few years to keep the grout strong. Over time, the sealant will get worn off from normal usage. You should probably reseal a floor in your bathroom every 3-4 years. A normal floor in a room that does not get as wet only needs to be resealed every 8-10 years.

Sealing your floor is a pretty easy project. First, you need to thoroughly clean and vacuum the floors. Any dirt, lint or dust on the floor can get trapped in the sealant. Sealant comes in large bottles, and you can pour it straight onto your floor. Then, immediately spread it around using a lint-free rag. You can spread the grout sealant all over the tile with no fear. In fact, the sealant is also useful for sealing the surface of stone tile. And although most bathrooms have ceramic or glazed tiles, which the sealant cannot damage.

For the best results, use two separate sets of rags. One set of rags should be used for spreading the sealant onto the floor. The other handful of rags should be kept drier and used to wipe up the sealant. You should let the sealant sit on the grouts for just a few minutes before you wipe it up. You should let the floor dry for about 30 minutes before you apply a second coat. A third coat is also a good idea for sealing bathroom floors.

This simple maintenance is fairly easy and you only need to do it every few years. You will be able to enjoy the unique and colorful look of your tile floor for many years if you maintain the grout. For more information on bathroom tile flooring, click here.