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Own A Large Retail Store? Keep The Asphalt Parking Lot Easier For Your Customers To Use This Christmas

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If you own a retail store, your parking lot will likely be very busy with everyone shopping for Christmas gifts. You can help make the parking lot easier for them to use and find their cars in when they are finished shopping for the day

Finding Cars in the Parking Lot

If you have a very large parking lot, it is common for customers to have a hard time finding their vehicles after they have been shopping all day. Make sure you have each row marked via a numbering or lettering system.  Post signs reminding customers to write down the row they parked in.

If you use parking attendants, there are apps the attendants can use on their smartphones to tell the customers where open parking spaces are. Your customers can also download an app on their smartphone so they can know where the open spaces are. Some apps will even let them input the number/row of the parking space they park in. This works by installing sensors in each parking space on your parking lot. These sensors then connect to a computerized system. How all of this works does depend on the app you install, and the company you hire to install the sensors and set up the system for you.

Applying Sealcoating to the Parking Lot

Sealcoating your parking lot will help it last longer, as it protects it from chemicals, sunlight, and water. This prevents cracking and potholes, which makes the parking lot much safer for your customers.  Sealcoating your parking lot also improves the aesthetics. This is important, as the first thing your customers see when they come to your retail store is your parking lot.

Paint the parking space lines for each parking space before sealcoating, and the paint will not fade near as fast. This means your customers will always be able to tell how they need to pull into the parking space. This can even protect their cars from being hit by cars next to them, because they will have the right space between them if they park correctly.

Sealcoating is applied directly to the surface of the parking lot either by a broom, mechanical spray, or a rubber squeegee. Some companies may use a combination of these, such as first applying the seal coat with a broom, and then using a mechanical spray after the broom.

Follow these tips and you will make your customers happy, which may make them buy more gifts for their family and friends. Speak to a local sealcoating company or discover more on this website.