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Purchasing An Older Home? What You Need To Know About Asbestos

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For anyone planning to purchase a home of advanced age, the possibility of asbestos in the home is very real. Asbestos is a type of mineral fiber that is the cause of respiratory issues when those fibers are taken into the lungs. If you plan to purchase an older home to renovate, make sure you are aware of the following: 

Asbestos Is Very Hazardous

Asbestos is a major health concern, so eliminating it from the house is an absolute must. It is often the link to cancer in many people, particular lung cancer. One mistake many demolition workers make is not properly protecting the airway using proper masking procedures. If these asbestos fibers are inhaled into the lungs, it can be the cause of inflamed lung tissue, incessant coughing, and other painful side effects.

Common Locations Of Asbestos

In older houses, it is very common to find sources of asbestos in a variety of places. This includes the shingles, in painted ceilings, and near stoves and fireplaces. Fire sources are a primary place to find asbestos, as asbestos paper was often placed near these areas for preventing fires.

Detecting Asbestos

The key to detecting asbestos is hiring a professional to do so. There is no true or safe way one without the proper training and knowledge can check for and eliminate asbestos. Research asbestos abatement companies that specialize in detecting and removing it from your home to find someone to test your home.

Avoiding Exposure To Asbestos

Once you have had your home tested positive for asbestos, you must plan to have it removed as soon as possible. If the levels are extremely high based on the asbestos abatement testing procedures, you may even need to leave the home for a period if you are currently living there. If the levels are not that high, it may be possible to cover the areas that have asbestos in order to prevent any further exposure. Complete removal of the fibers is the best prevention of respiratory illness.

Locating asbestos and removing it from the house can be very frustrating for a homeowner, but it is absolutely necessary in order to protect the health of yourself and your family. Those who buy aging homes should always have an expert in the field of asbestos to come in before the sale is final to determine whether or not the home is affected by asbestos. If it is present, it may be possible to negotiate payment for removal with the seller. Contact local professionals, such as those from IRS Environmental of WA Inc., for further assistance.