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Can An Entry Door Keep You Safe?

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When it comes time to replace your front door, you certainly need to take style into account, but you also need to consider security. Although you do not need a solid steel door to keep your family safe, you do need to pair a strong door with an equally strong frame. You can increase your home's security by using the right materials.  

Door Strength

Of course, no door can keep out a swat team with a battering ram, but you can choose a door that will discourage thieves. A steel door with a solid steel core is definitely a strong addition to your home and will certainly keep out intruders. You do have other options, however. A hollow metal door will not have the extreme weight of a solid steel door, but it can be filled with substances that can make it hard to break down. For instance, the interior can be filled with fiberglass and  the door will still have a high degree of rigidity. Hollow wood doors are not much of a barrier to break-ins, but solid oak and other hardwoods do create a layer of protection.

Frame Strength

You door can be extremely strong, but if it is attached to a lighter-weight frame, almost anyone can break in with a few kicks or a crowbar. A steel door frame or at least a steel reinforced door frame can prevent many break-ins. In addition, your deadbolts will not work well if your frame is not solid. In short, you will not have a secure door if both your frame or door are not sufficiently strong. 


If your door opens outward, you need to take precautions with your hinges. They are another weak point that burglars can exploit. You can secure your hinges by putting in either safety studs, set screws, or fast-riveted pins that keep the pin in the hinge from being removed. This step will keep criminals from simply removing the door from the hinges. This risk is something many people never consider.

You need to protect your home by making your entry door safer. You do not need an incredibly heavy door, but you do need one that is resistant to breaking. Attaching it to a secure door frame is essential, as is protecting the hinges. You should also make certain that you have adequate lighting  and an excellent lock system to discourage thieves. It all begins, however, with the door. Contact a contractor, like Associated Building Specialites, for more help.