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Answering Common Roof Replacement Questions

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The roof of your home is one of the most important and exposed portions of the house. As a result, it will be subjected to intense weathering, which can cause major damage to it. Unfortunately, many homeowners may not be particularly informed about this part of the home. Eventually, every home's roof will need to be replaced, and if you are needing to replace the roof of your house, you may need a couple of questions addressed before you start contacting contractors.

Will The Previous Roof Have To Be Completely Removed?

It can be common for new homeowners to be unsure of what to expect from having a roof replaced. Often, new homeowners will assume that the entire old roof must be removed before the new one can be installed. This may be the case if the old roof suffered serious structural damage, but if the roof was relatively free of damage, it may be possible for the roofer to simply install the new roof on top of the old one. However, this can only be done once due to the weight that multiple layers of roofing material can add. Fortunately, an experienced roofing contractor will be able to quickly inspect your roof to determine whether this is a viable repair option.

Is There Anyway To Extend The Life Of A New Roof?

Due to the importance of a roof and the cost of replacing it, homeowners will need to exercise care in making sure that the roof is properly maintained. This will involve making sure that it is washed on a regular basis. Typically, this should be done once in the fall and again in the spring. Washing it will remove any debris or plants that have started to gather on the roof. A power washer can be an excellent tool for this task because it can remove these substances without needing harsh chemicals. After the roof has been pressure washed, you should apply a fresh coat of sealant to help enhance its resistance to water damage.

In addition to washing the roof, you will need to make sure to keep the gutters maintained. If there is not an effective drainage system, the roof can start rotting. To this end, you should clean the gutters every few months. When the gutters go an extended period of time without being cleaned, leaves can start to accumulate in the gutter until they block it.

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