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Rockfalls And Landslides; A Potential Problem That Can Be Prevented.

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There are many beautiful homes that are built in mountainous areas, and they truly are beautiful. One problem that they run into is they can be in danger of landslides or rockfalls. This article is going to outline how these different geologic hazards occur and how to best stop them before they occur. So, if you are lucky enough to own a home in one of these beautiful areas, or you are looking to buy a home near these geological hazards, read further to understand what you are up against. 

Rockfall and Landslides

There are homes every single year that are destroyed by geologic disasters. Unfortunately, many of these homes could have been saved. When roads are built or when a neighborhood is going to be built, problems can arise. If the land is excavated to steeply, the area could be in danger of rockfalls or landslides. If the slope above your home is too steep, simple gravitational pull on the overlying rock may be enough to force rocks to fall. Often with development, much of the vegetation is cleared to make room for homes. Without vegetation there is nothing to keep rainwater from penetrating the soil and reducing the friction coefficient. Rain also adds weight to the area; this coupled with the reduction of friction coefficient makes a recipe for a disaster.

Stop It Before It Occurs

If you are going to build your own a home that may be in danger, take action right now. The best way to take action is to contact a contractor and discuss some of the potential problems. If you have noticed that your land may be undercut or is surrounded by land that has no vegetation, fix that problem. The contractors and landscape architects will be able to help solve your problem. One of the quickest ways to help decrease the possibility of a landslide or rockfall is to add landscaping to your area. Landscaping will add cohesion to the dirt, but it will also add beauty to your land. Another very good way to reduce the risk of these disasters is to hire a contractor to build a retaining wall. A retaining wall will lessen the slope and will add some protection against these two different disasters. Both of these different solutions will make your home safer, but can actually increase value in your home along with making it more beautiful. 

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