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Learn How To Properly Repair A Rusted Antique Sink

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When you purchase an old house, some of the greatest aspects of the house are often the antique fixtures you can find inside. Many people make the mistake of ripping out old sinks from a home because they have a few rust spots on them or do not look as pristine as the owners want them to look. Rust is no reason to remove a classic sink from a home. The guide below walks you through a quick and easy way to repair a rusted bathroom sink so that it looks as good as new.

Sand Down the Rusted Areas

The first thing you need to do is to sand down the rusted areas of the sink. You need to use a fine grit sandpaper so that you do not cause damage to the sink itself. Do not press too firmly against the sink when sanding it down to ensure that you do not actually damage the surface of the sink. Your goal is to simply smooth out the rusted areas, while removing as much of the rust as you can.

Fill Damaged Areas

Once you have sanded down the rust, the areas may no longer be flush with the other areas of the sink. Two-part epoxy can be used to fix the areas so that they are flush and undetectable when you are finished. Mix the two-part epoxy according to the directions on the packaging. Use a small, silicone spatula to spread the mixture over the damaged areas. Be sure to smooth the epoxy out so that it will not be noticeable when you are done.

Prime the Sink

Next, you need to purchase some primer spray paint at a home improvement store. The primer will keep the rust from spreading and make the rust lighter so that it will not be noticeable when you finish the restoration process. Allow the primer to dry overnight before continuing on to the next step.

Paint the Sink

Finally, you need to use an enamel based paint to paint the entire sink. You want to be sure that you apply the paint in smooth, even coats to ensure a seamless finish. It may take a few coats of paint before the repaired areas are no longer distinguishable.

Once the sink is repaired, you can start using it as soon as the paint is dry. It will look as good as new and you will be able to proudly show off your antique sink when guests come to your home. For more tips or help tackling a bigger bathroom remodeling project, contact a company like Two by Four Construction LLC.