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Three Advantages Of Boring A Water Well

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Water is essential for survival, but if you have lived in the city and are now moving out to a rural location, you might be surprised to learn that all drinking water does not flow from a municipal system of pipes. Instead, most rural homes get water by digging a well. If you are new to the concept of getting water from a well, you need to know that there are at least three reasons why boring a well is better than digging a well. 


If you dig a well, you should use masonry bricks or concrete rings to provide support and to prevent surface water from running into and contaminating your well. Even when using bricks or rings for support, there is a risk of collapse. If you have workers down in your well when the collapse happens, you may not have the chance to get them out of the hole before they suffocate. Boring a well, on the other hand, involves using a specially designed drilling rig to drill a hole big enough to insert specially designed pipe into the hole. When using such a machine, the pipe will keep contaminants out and eliminate the risk of collapse. 

Consistency of Water Supply

When you dig a well by hand, you are confined to digging until you hit the first aquifer. Whether there is a lot of water flowing from this aquifer or not, once water enters the hole, it becomes too unstable to continue digging. When you bore a well, you can go through several aquifers, which means you can dig past a poorly producing aquifer until you hit one that allows more water to enter your well. 

Water Purity

A second benefit of boring to deep aquifers is that the deeper the water supply is, the more pure the water supply tends to be. If you find an aquifer close to the surface, it has a higher chance of being contaminated by human or animal activity on the surface. Thus, you should insist on boring the well until you are able to find the deepest accessible aquifer. 

When you go out to a rural location, you might be surprised by just how dry the location seems to be. You might also be surprised to learn that in most cases, you can find water by digging. While you should still trust a well-drilling specialist to help you find the best location for boring a well, you should have confidence that you can find enough water by boring a well to make your rural location livable. To find out more, speak with a business like Coonse Well Drilling & Pump Co Inc.