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4 Simple Ways To Ensure Fireplace Safety

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Fireplaces are a wonderful home accessory. Perhaps you have been considering getting a custom fireplace added to your home. You'll find that the addition will offer several benefits such as access to heat, even if there is a power outage. These accessories also create the ideal ambiance which make entertaining memorable and captivating. The following are guidelines that you can use to ensure years of safe enjoyment out of your fireplace. 

Log Selection

You will need to determine if you want to use artificial or real wood logs. This is because the two should not be used at the same time due to the risk of a flare-up occurring. Perhaps you intend to use whichever is available in your area when you need logs. You may even have a situation where you have both types on hand. Ensure that the log inside the fireplace is completely burned prior to adding the alternative. Clean away the ashes in the fireplace as well prior to adding a new log. When using artificial logs, follow the guidelines that the manufacturer has listed on the packaging.


Do not use features in your home that vent to the outside when your fireplace is in use. Examples of features that are sometimes overlooked are bathroom vents, dryer vents, and the vents on stove hoods. Using these features during fireplace operation can inadvertently pull in and circulate carbon monoxide that should exit out of your chimney flue.


There are a number of combustible materials that people may store near their fireplaces without realizing that a fire could start. For example, magazines should not be stored nearby even if the unit is located in your living room. You also should not attempt to use the heat from your fireplace to dry wet clothing. A lit fireplace during the holidays is a beautiful experience, and a Christmas tree can complete the whole scene; however, ensure that your Christmas trees are never near your fireplace because of the combustibility risk. 

Wrong Fuel

If you are having an issue lighting real logs, you may be tempted to use alternate fuel sources such as charcoal or coal. Even though your fireplace will be vented, using the wrong type of fuel could still put your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Most artificial logs already have fuel added, and this is one reason that some people favor them over real logs.