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2 Reasons To Consider Xeriscape Landscaping

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One of the best types of landscaping to consider is xeriscape landscaping, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide. Xeriscape landscaping is a type of landscaping that prioritizes water conservation through the use of drought-friendly plants, rocks, and paving instead of trying to create a green and lush yard. Listed below are two reasons to consider xeriscape landscaping for your home.

Save Yourself Money

One of the single most important reasons to consider xeriscaping is that it can greatly cut down on the amount of money that you spend on your lawn maintenance, particularly if you live in an area that is dealing with a drought or simply does not get a lot of rain. The reason for this is that the xeriscaping process will consist of a landscaper working with you to replace your grassy lawn with other types of grass that do not require as much water, or to replace it with a paved, gravel, or dirt surface that utilizes rocks and boulders to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing area. 

In addition to saving you money by cutting down on the watering, xeriscaping can save you money in some areas of the country that are offering incentives for creating a yard that utilizes less water. For example, there are some cities that will pay you for converting a portion of your yard to something that does not require watering. The amount that you receive will vary depending on the percentage of your yard that you convert. 

Another way that xeriscaping can save you money is by reducing the need to have a service come to your property to spray pesticides and other chemicals to keep your yard healthy. Since xeriscaping limits the number of plants on your property, you can often forego these yard services and keep your money.

Reduce Your Workload

Another reason to consider xeriscape landscaping is that it is a great way to reduce your workload. Since your yard will not have a lot of plants or grass, you will not have to worry about cutting the grass, weeding, or trimming your bushes.

Even if there are some plants on your property after xeriscaping, those plants will typically not require much maintenance, as the grass that xeriscaping would use will be slow growing and require very little watering. This reduced workload is ideal for individuals whose age or physical limitations make yard work and maintenance very difficult.

Contact a landscaping service, such as Bourget Bros. Building Materials, in order to discuss the many ways in which xeriscaping can benefit you. Xeriscaping is a great way to save yourself some money and reduce your yard maintenance workload.