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3 Factors To Consider When Buying A New Air Compressor

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Air compressors, through a place like Kruge-Air Inc, are among the handiest and most versatile tools to include in a home workshop or tool shed. Yet the diversity of compressors available today can make selecting the right one difficult. If you would like to learn more about what to look for when shopping for an air compressor, read on. This article will discuss three factors to keep in mind.


Most people are aware of the acronym PSI, which designates the capabilities of an air compressor in terms of pounds per square inch. The PSI rating of a particular compressor serves as a valuable gauge of its power--especially when you are using the compressor to operate just one air tool at a time.

The problem is that many people utilize an air compressor to provide power to multiple tools at a time. In that case, the CFM rating--i.e. the cubic feet per minute--is a much more valuable metric. Here all you have to do to determine the necessary amount of power is add together the CFM of all of the tools you plan to use, then buy a compressor with a CFM of 1.25 to 1.5 times this total. The limitation of PSI is that it does not allow you to calculate additive power requirements in this manner.

Variable Speed Drive

The incredible power of an air compressor comes at the cost of large energy requirements. This is true of both electric and gasoline powered compressors. Variable speed drive is a valuable innovation, one that helps to reduce the energy consumption of an air compressor.

You see, the problem with regular air compressors is that they operate at full power--even in scenarios where you only need a fraction of that power. Variable speed drive technology allows a compressor to respond to the demands being placed upon it by a particular tool. In other words, the compressor will curtail its energy demands in proportion to the tool's need, thus reducing the operating costs.

Tier 4 Engine

Where gas powered air compressors are concerned, another great way to increase fuel efficiency is to invest a little bit more in a model that contains a Tier 4 engine. These engines are designed to comply with strict emissions levels, as set by the Environmental Protection Agency. And in this case, reducing toxic emissions is synonymous with building a more efficient engine--one that is capable of generating more CFM from a given volume of fuel than a regular air compressor.