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How To Replace A Damaged Garage Panel

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Have you ever accidentally hit your garage door with your car bumper? If so, the affected panel will not look very good. But, having just one damaged garage panel is no reason to completely change your garage doors. In fact, you can affordably replace a single garage panel quite easily. This article explains how to change overhead garage doors with aluminum panel framing. This type of garage door is very common in residential construction, so these instructions will be helpful to many homeowners.

Assessing the Frame

Before you begin the job, you need to assess the state of your garage doors. Most importantly, you need to make sure that the panel frame is not too damaged. If the aluminum is bent, it could completely buckle when you remove the panel. This is obviously very problematic and will need to be fixed by a garage door professional. However, if the actual frame seems to be in good condition, no matter how damaged the panel is, the job should be manageable.

Ordering a Replacement Panel

Once you are sure that you'll be able to actually replace the panel, you can order the replacement. To be safe, buy a replacement directly from your garage door manufacturer so you can be sure that it fits. Check the size before you remove the existing panel.

Removing the Panel

Before you begin, be aware that the job does require two people. One person should be on the inside of the garage removing the bolts that secure the panel. Meanwhile, the other worker can be on the outside pulling the panel out as it comes loose. The panels can be very flimsy once they are removed from the frame, so be careful.

Installing the New Panel

Installing a new panel is equally simple, but you always need to be a little delicate so you don't damage it during installation. You will need one person on each end of the panel as you lift it and place it into the frame. You often need to force the panel until it locks into the frame. Then, go to the inside of the garage and tighten the bolts. Make sure you use the new bolts that are included with your replacement panel.

Just like that, you can easily replace a broken garage door panel. You can even go a step further and replace all the panels on your garage to completely change the look. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Dorsey Garage Doors.