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Cleaning Up And Recovering From A Fire On Your Home

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Any fire in your home, whether it be small or large, is going to leave you with damage that can extend beyond the actual fire. When the fire is extinguished, the water used causes damage, the smoke the fire produces causes damage, and the heat of the fire can cause damage to your home and furnishings. Cleaning up after a fire takes a lot of time, is very labor intensive, and may require the help of a professional cleanup service, such as C & Z Construction.

Water Damage

When a fire breaks out in your home and the fire department responds, they will likely use water to extinguish it. This is the fastest and most effective way to put the fire out but it creates a problem as well. Water can cause a lot of damage to your home's interior including rugs, furnishings, and personal items. Some items can be cleaned professionally, but if the damage is severe, you may have to replace them. Standing water in the home can also cause rot over time, so getting a contractor in quickly to remove as much water as possible is critical to reducing structural damage beyond the fire damage.

Smoke Damage to Fabrics

Even a small, quickly extinguished fire in your home can cause a lot of smoke damage to fabric items. Furniture, drapes or curtains, and other fabric-covered items will absorb the smoke, and the odor can be very hard to get out. There are companies that can help you deal with this situation, cleaning the fabrics with chemicals that can help remove the odor rather than cover it up. Not all fabrics can be cleaned but these companies will be able to look at the fabrics and tell you if they will be able to be cleaned successfully. If the smoke was light in the home and the odor is minimal, cleaning furnishing and other fabrics may be the best option.

Heat Damage

The damage that occurs from the heat of the fire is not as easy to deal with. It typically results in things being melted or discolored from the temperature exposure. When that happens, cleaning is not going to fix the problem and you will likely have to consider replacing any damaged items. If the damage is to the structure of the building, it will need to be checked by a contractor to determine the level of the damage and what needs to be repaired or replaced. Things like outlets, light fixtures, and switches could all be affected by heat.

Whether small or large, after a fire, the home needs to be fully inspected by someone with the expertise to know what is damaged, what needs repair, and what is okay as is. Take some time and don't rush the process. Shortcuts will leave you with problems in the end that you just don't need.