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3 Tips To Keep Your Construction Site Productive During The Winter

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As a construction industry professional, you understand firsthand that the weather has its own mind. Since your bottom line depends on your ability to operate, learning how to work around weather condition becomes critical for success. Fortunately, this is an achievable goal that is only made easier with some extra tips. Here are just some of the things you can do to maintain production during the frigid periods of winter.

Ensure Proper Safety Gear Is Worn

Operating on a construction site comes along with inherent risk, but during the winter, this risk level is often escalated. Ensure every member of your team has on proper safety gear to stay on target. First, ensure your team members are wearing several layers of breathable clothing. Breathable fabrics help keep you dry, which is critical when operating in the cold when you're sweating.

Each person should also be wearing gloves, additional head protection under their hardhats and sunscreen. For your part, ensure you have a warm place for shelter that they can access should the temperatures become extreme.  

Invest In A Tote Heater

The harsh cold of winter doesn't just have an impact on your crew, it can also have an effect on the materials you use. Stucco, masonry, paint and certain roofing applications are just some of the materials that are sensitive to cold weather. When these materials get too cold, not only is installation more challenging, but the actual materials can be damaged due to this exposure.

Investing in a tote heater is a way to avoid this problem. These portable heaters fit snugly around the container that houses the materials to keep the internal temperature steady, no matter the conditions outside. This addition keeps you working and your materials safe.

Protect The Grounds

If you have the manpower, it's a good idea to task someone out exclusively to maintain the grounds around the work-site. During periods of adverse weather, such as snow accumulation, and cold temperatures, the surfaces around the site and the ground may become covered with snow or get too cold, halting production.

Your ground maintenance individual would be responsible for removing any accumulation and thawing the blanket. There are several portable applications that can assist you with melting the snow and warming the ground to make this task easier, like a tote heater.

Make sure your crew is prepared for the winter by keeping quality and safety at the forefront of your mind and their list of priorities. For more information, clicking here could help.