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Basic Tips For Having Your Business Exterior Doors Adjusted

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Because of repeated use, it's possible that the exterior doors to your business may start to stick and sag. When this occurs, it may make it hard for your employees to open and close the door. In addition, it's possible the screws along the hinge of the door have started to loosen, preventing the door from closing all the way. When these issues occur, it's possible that the frame of the door is out of place. The information provided below provides some insight on how to have the exterior doors adjusted.

Dealing with Door Hinges

One of the first steps to checking your exterior doors is to inspect the hinges to see if they have started to loosen. In order to do this, you will need to open the door to check if the top of the door appears uneven. If you notice that the door seems to tilt, you should hold the front edge of the door while moving it up and down. If the door shakes easily, instead of remaining in place, this is an indicator that the hinges have started to loosen. Consider tightening the hinges again with a screwdriver. This will secure your exterior door in place again, preventing it from becoming fully disengaged.

Dealing with Hinge Screw Holes

If you notice that your exterior door still appears loose after you have tightened the hinges, it's possible that the holes for the hinge screws have become too large. When this happens, you may need to close off the gap of extra space using a toothpick. Consider inserting a toothpick into the hole to get rid of the extra space, then tighten the hinges with the screw once again.  

Dealing with Door Spacing

Check your exterior door for spacing issues between the frame of the door and the front edge. The extra space may cause the door to become tilted and cause it to drag along the floor. Consider checking over the door in order to locate the biggest gap of space between the hinge area and the frame. It's possible that the hinge is pulling away from the door, which can create a spacing issue. The exterior door–spacing issue should be fixed by taking out the screws in the hinges and adding a plastic shim to the door frame, before putting the hinge back in place and securing it with the screws again.

If you are unsure about the steps involved with adjusting the exterior doors for your business, consider consulting with a contractor. Start your research by visiting sites like