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Finishing The Flooring In Your Post Frame Building

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Post frame buildings provide you with an affordable option to get the structure that you need while maintaining your budget. You will have lots of choices to make as the building is planned, but one thing you'll need to give serious consideration is how you will finish the flooring.

How the floor is finished is not only determined by your budget but also what you plan to use the building for.

If you're using the building to house livestock, you wouldn't want a concrete floor, but if you're planning to work on cars and trucks, you wouldn't want a dirt floor. So, what are your options?


There is always the option of finishing the soil for the flooring in your post frame building. The one thing to consider when choosing to finish the soil is how well it drains and if the exterior water will run into the building. You don't want things to turn into mud and stay wet for days after it rains.

Crushed Gravel

Crushed gravel can actually finish the floor nicely. It is cheap, and when compacted, can remain relatively level even after being driven on daily; this is a good option if the drainage around the building has been planned out well. If the water runoff flows away from the building, this could work for you. If the slope around the exterior of the building causes the water to flow into the building, this will not be your best option. However, if you decide you want the crushed gravel, you can improve the slopes around the building and keep the water from flowing inwards.


Concrete is the best long-term flooring option for your post frame building. It will provide you with the sturdy, durable finish that can be utilized in many ways.

You can even install a heated floor if you use concrete. The heated floor hardware is installed, and the concrete is poured on top of it. As the temperatures begin to drop, you can flip the flooring on and begin to fill the space with a steady heat.

Concrete can also be stained, stamped and treated to look beautiful, so if your post frame building is meant to be something more than a garage or barn, you have the option to create a remarkable look on a tight budget.

Talk with your local post frame building expert to learn more about how to finish the flooring in your building.