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3 Ways A Structural Engineer Can Help With A Construction Project

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When it comes to the construction of a brand-new building, it takes a lot more than just the construction workers and their managers. One type of professional that plays a significant role in the successful outcome of the construction of buildings is the structural engineer.

But, what is it that these professionals do, and when is it that structural engineers get involved in construction projects -- at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end? Here is a look at some of the ways that a structural engineer helps with a construction project.


Structural engineers start with the design phase of a construction project. These professionals utilize their extensive knowledge of physics and mechanics to properly calculate the numerous factors that relate to the safe design of a construction building.

This could include comparing strengths of various building materials and stress calculations, accommodating for support beams and foundations, and other important attributes. To ensure the structural integrity of a building is maintained, the design must first be of quality.

Site Survey

The land where a building is being built is just as important -- if not more so -- as the actual design of the building. Structural engineers play a significant role in surveying prospective sites of construction to make certain that the land is appropriate for the building project.

By identifying potential landscape suitability problems, it helps to prevent the future project from turning into a catastrophe. Consulting with a variety of other specialists like landscape architects and environmental scientists during this phase of the project as well as other phases can help the structural engineer achieve an optimal result.

Material Management

It is not uncommon for structural engineers to continue with the construction project through the actual construction work and oversee the building materials that are being utilized for the construction project. In a lot of cases, the engineers may even supervise and/or inspect on-site work to make sure that all tasks are being completed according to their original design and specifications, particularly when it comes to the materials. If one thing is off, it can throw the entire project off, potentially off-setting the structural integrity of the entire building.

From support to inspection, structural engineers play a key role in construction projects. If you have a construction project coming up and want to ensure that your project remains compliant with building practices and safety standards, you should consider talking to a structural engineering firm in your area.