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3 Places To Get Your Well Water Tested

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When you have a well for your water source at home, you want to make sure that your water is as pure as possible. If you are on city water, the water department will take care of testing the water to make sure that it has no problems. But when it comes to your well, that's your job. If you are worried about your water, for whatever reason, then you should be sure that you boil your water until you can get it tested or use bottled water. So, where can you take your water to get it tested?

County Health Department

One place that you can go to is to your local county health department. They will be able to test your water for you. It may take a few days for them to get the full results back, depending on what they are testing for and how full a report you want. If you are just looking for something simple, they may be able to give you results within just a few minutes. One nice thing about going to your county health department is that you may only have to pay a nominal fee in order to get the testing down. 

DIY Testing

There are DIY tests that you can get online or at home improvement stores that you can use to test your water yourself. The thing with these tests is that they are only able to test for the most common things. In some cases, they are only going to give you a positive or negative over whether or not those things are in your water, but they won't tell you what the load is. But, it can at least give you some peace of mind if you are worried about something nasty being in your water. 

Commercial Testing Labs

There are also commercial testing labs that you can take advantage of. These labs can give you a very thorough report on your water. They can also usually get the result back to you rather quickly. You can pay them to put a rush on the testing so that you can get the results faster, if that's what you need to have happen. 

If you have a well, you should make sure that you get it tested regularly to make sure that nothing nasty has snuck into it. There are many places that you can take your water to get it tested. 

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