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3 Gutter Problems That Can Lead To A Damp Or Wet Basement

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If you're having trouble with a wet or damp basement, be sure to check your gutters for problems. Something as simple as a gutter issue could cause foundation damage over time, so it's important to keep your gutters working properly. You may need to call a gutter service to check the troughs and downspout. Here are three gutter problems that can lead to a wet basement.

1. A Trough Is Not Sloped Properly

When you look at the gutters on your house, they look like they're nice and level. However, they actually have a slope so rain will roll along the troughs using gravity. If a hanger comes loose or some other minor damage occurs, a trough may sag rather than form a straight slope to the downspout. As a result, water collects in the saggy area. When there's a heavy rain, water won't flow fast enough, so it spills over the side and into the soil near your home's foundation.

2. There's A Hole In A Gutter Trough

Rust is sometimes a problem in old metal gutters. You may not even notice it unless you get close and look inside as you're cleaning the gutters. Rust eventually eats holes in metal, and that allows rain to drip down from the trough. Another cause of trough leaks is when the adhesive on seams works loose and a gap forms that lets water leak out.

When rain lands near the foundation of your house and saturates the soil, you may start having problems with a wet basement. Water can pass through concrete, or the water might leak through a window well that isn't sealed.

3. The Downspout Isn't Draining Properly

Since you can't see inside the downspout, you won't know it's clogged until water spills over the top. Since everything in the gutters gets washed toward the downspout, the spout can clog with wet clumps of leaves and twigs. A pressure washer or long pole may be needed to break up a tough clog so water flows again. If the downspout is rusty and leaky, or if the bottom of the spout is missing, then rain will dump near your foundation and contribute to wet basement problems.

When you call a gutter service for help, they may start by cleaning the gutters to get rid of leaves that cause clogs or water dams. Then, they check the slope to make sure water drains properly. The service may also check for things like weak hangers that need to be replaced. Loose seams and rusty spots can be repaired, but if your gutters have a lot of rust, you may need to buy new troughs.

The gutter service also makes sure your downspout is clear and positioned properly to guide water away from your foundation. By getting your gutters in shape, you might avoid costly foundation damage and dry out your basement.

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