Building In-Law Space: Considerations For The Planning Process

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Three Tips To Keep In Mind For Your Building Contracts

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If you are looking to get the service that you need from a building contractor, there are important tips that you must keep in mind. This can come in handy whether you are having a new home built from scratch or have a remodeling project in your kitchen or bathroom, which can be daunting if you have never worked with a general building contractor before. To make the most of it, use the following guidelines to make the best hire, verify that your work will be solid and protect yourself from mishaps. Read More»

Purchasing A Home? Be Aware Of These 3 Potential Plumbing Problems

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If you are in the process of purchasing a home, you will want to ensure that everything is in great condition. Unfortunately, it is easy to overlook the plumbing inside a home since it is out of sight and out of mind. If there are plumbing problems buried within the home you are purchasing, it can lead to costly problems down the road. Be aware of these 3 potential plumbing problems so they can be caught before you make your purchase. Read More»

Why You Should Choose Cedar Lumber For Your Deck

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When you buy supplies for building your deck, you need to decide on the type of wood you’ll use. Three popular choices are pressure treated wood, composite wood, and cedar lumber. Each kind has it’s own advantages, but cedar lumber could be your best choice. Here’s why you should consider cedar over other decking materials. Rich Color And Defined Grain The main reason cedar has such wide appeal is because of its natural beauty. Read More»

Impending Doom: 5 Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Trying To Telling You

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It would be wonderful if your home appliances had an emergency light to notify you of imminent problems—as your car does. Unfortunately, major appliances have no warning light, so it is up to you to decipher potential warning signs. If you have been wondering about the health status of your air conditioner, look no further. These five symptoms are warning signs of imminent failure: 1. Loud and Odd Noises Air conditioners are not quiet by nature. Read More»

Want A New Look? Antique Your Kitchen Cabinets With Chalk Paint And Soft Wax

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Your kitchen cabinets have probably looked the way they do for a long time, and you may be ready for a change. If your cabinets have a lot of interesting woodworking details like carvings, an application of chalk paint and furniture wax can emphasize those details and give your cabinets an antiqued charm. Not only will this project transform your cabinets, it can also transform the entire appearance of your kitchen. Read More»

Why You Should Consider Concrete Flooring For Your Home

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Have you ever considered concrete floors? No, not outside of the home, but inside. It’s not a common flooring material people automatically consider. But when you’re considering your redesign, remodel, renovation, or custom home plans, consider using beautiful concrete for your indoor flooring. Here’s just a few reasons why. First, Stop Thinking about Outside Concrete Cement and concrete are not the same thing. Polished concrete is a smooth, elegant, and gorgeous material. Read More»

How To Remove Brush Marks From Dry Interior Paint

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Using a good paintbrush when painting the home is important. Unfortunately, many people try to save a little money and purchase cheap paintbrushes to use. Cheaper paintbrushes can leave brush marks in the finish of the paint. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with those brush marks forever. Here, you will learn how to remove the brush marks, so that your next paint job will look perfectly smooth and flawless. Read More»

2 Common Questions About Hail Damage To A Roof

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While watching a storm through your window might have been exciting as a child, as a homeowner, there is constant worrying about how the storm is going to affect your house. Since hail is not as common as other types of storm damage, you may have some questions about it when it does occur to your home: What Signs Are There That Hail Damaged My Roof? Checking for hail damage after a storm is important, as you will need to have damage repaired quickly before it creates more complications. Read More»

Step By Step Guide On How To Unclog Your Toilet

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When a toilet backs up into the house it is a disaster that can cause countless problems. The smell of raw sewage coming back into the house is an awful and offensive smell that can linger for a long time. If your toilet has backed up then here is a step by step guide on how to deal with the problem. For the following job you will need the following items Read More»