Building In-Law Space: Considerations For The Planning Process

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Advice When Applying Spray Foam Insulation to a Home

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Insulation is an important element of any home today because it’s what helps properties control interior temperatures. Spray foam insulation is an incredible type of insulation for properties. Read on to learn some tips for applying spray foam insulation.  Test Moisture First An element that can really hinder the effectiveness of spray foam insulation is moisture. Any sort of wetness on the area being sprayed can interfere with the foam’s ability to stick. Read More»

Renovating Your Aging Kitchen

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Renovating the kitchen is easily among the biggest improvement projects that a homeowner can be likely to undertake. While making dramatic changes to the kitchen can be a major change to the home, it is still possible for homeowners to ensure that their kitchen renovation project is a productive and stress-free experience that provides them with their dream kitchen. Improve The Air Conditioning And Ventilation To The Kitchen During the course of cooking, the kitchen can become an extremely unpleasant place to be. Read More»

When To Hire A Construction Contractor For Your Job

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If you are planning to renovate or fix up your home or other property, you may be interested in doing it yourself. DIY projects offer many benefits including cost savings and job satisfaction, but there are times where it’s better to hire a construction contractor. Here are three instances where you should. Complicated Jobs One of the best reasons to hire a construction contractor to handle your work for you is when you have a project that requires many different parts that are difficult to handle alone. Read More»

How A Simple Decorative Fence Can Solve 4 Trespassing Problems

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A business that has a problem with trespassers might find themselves turning to more technological and expensive solutions. But, in fact, something as simple as an ornamental fence can do a lot. Here are four problems it might solve.  1. Vandalism. Vandalism is an expensive problem to battle, and it damages your reputation while you’re struggling with it. But only the most determined vandals will go to the extra effort of climbing over a fence to place graffiti or break items just because they’re bored or upset. Read More»

Seamless Gutter Installation Guide To Better Drainage And Roof Runoff Rain Collection Systems

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Installing gutters on your home is one of the best improvements to do to prevent problems with moisture and foundation damage. There are also improvements to the drainage around your home that can be done with seamless gutter installation. In addition, you may even want to add rain collection systems that save the runoff from rains to use for your household water needs. The following seamless gutter installation guide to better drainage and roof runoff rain collection will help you add these improvements to your home. Read More»

3 Gutter Problems That Can Lead To A Damp Or Wet Basement

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If you’re having trouble with a wet or damp basement, be sure to check your gutters for problems. Something as simple as a gutter issue could cause foundation damage over time, so it’s important to keep your gutters working properly. You may need to call a gutter service to check the troughs and downspout. Here are three gutter problems that can lead to a wet basement. 1. A Trough Is Not Sloped Properly Read More»

3 Reasons You Do Need A Professional To Help You Build Your Tiny Home

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You have these big ideas of transitioning to a tiny life in a tiny home, and you have been tirelessly researching all the ways that you want your home to be built. With so many DIY shows on networks like HGTV and videos on YouTube about people building their own tiny dream homes, it is easy to assume that building your own is something you can do solo without a home builder. Read More»